All of our solutions are customised to fit your specific goals and objectives. Using our marketing knowledge, the local and regional markets and combining our creativity with industry best practices to deliver superior products and services.
Infocus.wi strives to be more than your marketing firm but a strategic marketing partner to you, growing together.

3 Simple Steps

Infocus.wi starts with a client consultaion and project audit. After brainstorming concepts and campaigns with you, we're out of the blocks and you can focus on your passion.

Each project typically offers 3 revision stages, after which we present you with the final product.

Stage 1 - Research and initial concept/s.
Stage 2 - Review and feedback of chosen concepts.
Stage 3 - Polishing and presentation (minor adjustments may be provided).

Infocus.wi delivers your final project include all files formats needed to continue your branding and marketing conversations.
We measure your anaylitics and review your marketing conversations so adjustments or new strategies may be created.
We also offer suggestions and direction on strategies and tactics that may work well for your brand.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing solutions encompass a combination of digital marketing, media, online and social media channels to fit your unique business needs.

$20.00 Per Hour

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Identity Creation

Much more than graphics. Your Identity (Branding) consists of visual elements, style, personality, colours, voice and customer service. These are just a few areas we're ready to look at with you.

Starts at $300.00

Website Design

Be accessible on every device, 24 hours a day with our responsive web development and design solutions. Have your site custom built or devolped via platform with e-commerce options available.

Starts at $450

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Graphic Design

Unique graphic for all your logos, stationary sets, portfolios, posters, flyers, brochures, electronic press kits and more.

Starts at $50.00

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Integrated Media Communications

Combining digital media and channels with traditional advertising like TV, radio and print.

$20.00 Per Hour

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SEO Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is essential to improve your websites' online visibility. Don't get lost behind your competition!

$20.00 Per Hour

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Social Media Marketing

SMM is an essential low cost solution for todays' business world. Gain visibility, reach, real time interactions and customer feedback.

$75 Per Platform

Google Ads

Google Ads are a great way to get your business greater visibility online, gain leads, sales or monetize your website.

Starts at $20 Per Hour

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Infocus.wi brings experience in product, profile, food and formal event photography. We also partner with various photographers to complement your project.

Packages start at $50

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Business Starter Package

Our starter package includes consultaion and research to get your project off to a rockstar start.

Refresher Package

Does your business need a digital update? Refresh your logo, website or conversations.

We Give Back.

In keeping with our beliefs, we offer special pricing and promotional opportunities to NGOs and Charities.

Our Process

A quick glance at the typical method at infocus.wi. This model is not inclusive of all solutions offered.

Marketing Consultation

Our process starts with Consultation, Audits, Research, Brainstorming and Concept Sketches or Wireframing.

Social Media Marketing

Our SMM solutions are customised for each social network and integrated with your digital marketing efforts.

Digital martketing poster

Graphic Design

Graphic Design solutions are taylored to each project and include all deliverables and selected media formats.

Website Development & Design

Infocus.wi strives to create the best suited visual and functional design taking your branding, campaign goals and long term objectives into consideration.


Identity creation (logo etc.), social media setup, synchronisation and management, marketing management, graphics and photopraphy.

Website development and maintainance as well as social media setup, synchronisation and management, graphics, photopraphy, video recording and video editing.

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